GI Services

Gastrointestinal (GI) screenings and colonoscopies clearly save lives. Colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in Texas and it can be prevented
Age and health history can affect the risk of developing colon cancer.

Risk factors include:

Being age 50 or over
A family history of cancer of the colon
Personal history of cancer, obesity or other lifestyle issues.

The GI Lab at Hudspeth Memorial can help.

Common procedures include:
Colonoscopy. This is the examination of the large intestine, and the gold standard for the early detection of colon cancer. Most insurance companies cover the cost of regular colonoscopy screenings for adults over a certain age.
Endoscopy.This procedure allows physicians to see abnormalities in the upper G.I. tract.

These procedures are painless and since they are available close to home these screenings require only a few hours and minimize your time away from your job or hobbies.

The GI program is staffed by an experienced physician and nurses available to guide you through this important life-saving procedure.

Once admitted, a nurse will go over the procedure with you and answer any questions. Before the procedure, patients are given a moderate sedative so that they are relaxed and more comfortable. Patients then relax in recovery before returning home.

Proper prep is required before having one of these procedures performed. For more information or assistance with an appointment, please call the GI Lab at 325-387-1251.