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Hudspeth Memorial will submit a claim to your insurance company provided you supply all the required information, and that benefits are assigned to Hudspeth Memorial Hospital. You are responsible for any portion of charges not covered by your insurance and payment is expected at or prior to the time of service. If you have not paid at the time of service, all amounts billed to you are payable upon receipt of the statement. Delayed insurance payments do not relieve patients of their obligation to pay the balance when due. Below you will find information about various types of health insurance.

For more information please call our Financial Services Department at 325-387-1205

Commercial Insurance

Patients with HMO and PPO coverage are responsible for paying any co-payment, deductibles, co-insurances, or fees for non-covered services at the time the services are rendered. Full payment of co-pays is requested before services are rendered. To help you get the most from your health plan, Hudspeth Memorial encourages you to familiarize yourself with your insurance plan’s requirements prior to seeking care. Since your employers negotiate their own contracts with insurance companies, plans can differ significantly. Each patient has a responsibility to know and understand his or her individual benefit package.

If you have any questions regarding insurance payment or denial, please contact one of our Business Office personnel immediately. LMH participates in most commercial, State and Federal insurance programs. We do not participate in all programs.

Worker’s Compensation

If services you are requesting are the result of a work-related injury, Hudspeth Memorial will bill your employer or your employer’s liability carrier. We will also ask for your health insurance information in the event that Worker’s Compensation denies the claim or does not cover all the charges. Written authorizations are sometimes necessary. Due to insurance authorization requirements please have the Worker’s Compensation incident documented and approved by your employer before receiving services except in the event of an emergency.

Accidents / Liability

No one enjoys getting into accidents, or the hassle that comes along with settling liability claims. If an accident occurs, let us know and we will assist you. Since third party claims tend to be take many months to settle, Hudspeth Memorial will file a lien against you and the carrier to ensure your benefits pay directly to the hospital.

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