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The future of health care in Sutton County should be of vital concern to everyone living in our area.

Without a local hospital and the services it provides, the growth and survival of Sonora is at risk. Business owners, school teachers, doctors, and industries are reluctant to relocate to a town without a hospital.

Hudspeth Memorial is currently subsidized by your tax dollars. At some point the expense of maintaining the hospital may exceed what county taxpayers are willing, or able, to pay.

Our Future Is in Our Hands

The Sutton County Health Foundation addresses this critical issue. The Foundation’s sole purpose is to raise sufficient capital funds in an endowment program so that the interest generated will supplement expenses of Lillian M. Hudspeth Memorial Hospital and other healthcare resources in Sutton County. This will not only ensure continued healthcare for you and the community, it will also reduce the tax burden on local citizens.

You can play an essential role at this pivotal time in the history of our community and our region. We need your support through tax-deductible bequests in wills, gifts, insurance policy benefits, and memorial donations.

Sonora has been good to you. Invest now in Sonora’s future!

Join us and make a difference

The Sutton County Health Foundation is supported by people who love Sonora and the way of life in Sutton County.We owe the quality of life we enjoy to the foresight and generosity of those who came before us. Now it is our turn to pass this legacy on to future generations.This is a major project with important long-term goals, but, inspired by the spirit of our forebears, we will succeed.

Each year on May 5th we take part in a donation drive through San Angelo Gives. We would like to welcome you to donate to the Sutton County Health Foundation during the drive. Every dollar helps us in our mission to bring quality healthcare to Sutton County and the surrounding area.

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Donations accepted onMay 5, 2020